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How to Read Notes Fast - The Landmark System

Many music teachers around the world are making a huge mistake.

It's a mistake I've seen over and over again. I've seen it in classrooms. I've seen it in private lessons. I've seen it with new students I get.

The huge mistake is...

Every Good Boy Does Fine

Have you heard of it?

This is an acronym used by music teachers to teach students how to read notes.

The problem is this method is painfully slow, and not effective!

In fact I've gotten students that have come to me and said, "Yeah I learned how to read notes awhile back, 'Every Good Boy Does Fine', but I've forgotten it all now".

A system that's logical and thus more memorable is what I call "The Landmark System"

In the video I've prepared above, we learn about The Landmark System and how it can be used to speed read notes.

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