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How to Play 2 Fundamental Rhythm Patterns on the Piano

Updated: Oct 18, 2017

Learn how rhythmic subdivision works and learn two rhythm patterns you can start using today

Rhythmic Subdivision is key to getting a professional sound

Have you ever heard somebody cover a song on YouTube?

If they're playing the piano while singing, it might feel like the song doesn't feel quite like the original. There may be something "missing", and it "doesn't feel quite right".

Usually the special sauce that is missing is rhythmic subdivision. They're trying to play Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk with a quarter note rhythm pattern.

The problem is Funk is upbeat, syncopated, and most importantly 16th note subdivided.

Playing the wrong rhythmic feel can make or a break your cover of a song. It can also have an effect on the songs that you write.

Understanding rhythmic subdivision can help you play genre's correctly or "break the rules" and play an unexpected rhythm pattern for artistic effect.

In the video above, I go over how rhythmic subdivision works and teach you two fundamental rhythm patterns.


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