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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, I'm Matt! I'm a full-time musician and teacher in New York City and Los Angeles. I'm passionate about music and education.

I'm a former music instructor with a Fender Grant winning non-profit. I also teach privately. My students range from signed recording artists and songwriters to working professionals who just love music.

I'm a best selling online instructor with over 75,000 students in 190 countries. My courses have been featured by and have garnered over 8,000+ reviews. I have worked with many teachers to help them achieve the same success at online teaching.

This website is dedicated to making learning music as seamless of an experience as possible. I achieve this through logically structuring concepts, delivering concepts with clarity and brevity, and re-enforcing concepts with helpful examples and exercises.

I'd be honored to be your teacher and help you on your journey to becoming a better musician.

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