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Become a piano wielding singer/songwriter

Start from zero musical knowledge to performing your favorite songs on the piano and writing new one's.

Piano for Singer/Songwriters

Piano for Singer/Songwriters: Write Songs and Perform Live

Perform and sing your favorite songs on the piano! Step by step, easy to follow modern keyboard lessons for beginners.

Piano for Singer/Songwriters 2: Pop/Rock Rhythm Immersion

Master pop/rock keyboard playing through rhythm immersion, develop strong internal rhythm and build hand independence.

RUNdamentals: The Essential Modern Piano Runs and Fills Guide

Spice up your playing with advanced piano runs! Enjoy fun contemporary keyboard lessons.

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More skills you can learn


Tired of writing the same songs?Learn songwriting science! Break your muscle memory and start writing fresh songs today.

Music FundamEntals

Learn music fundamentals FAST. Save hundreds on private lessons by taking my clear and concise beginner crash courses.

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