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songwriting Courses

Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs

Practical songwriting theory for songwriters. Break out of your songwriting habits and develop new chord progressions.

Song Science #2: The Complete Songwriting Chord Guide

Learn how to use advanced chords and understand practical music theory to help you further your journey as an aspiring songwriter.

Song Science #3: How to Build Contemporary Song Forms

Master the verse, chorus, pre-chorus, post-chorus, and bridge, to write powerful songs.

Song Science #4: Mastering Modulation in Your Songwriting

Bring energy and intrigue to your songs with multiple modulation techniques.

Song Science #5: Breaking Down #1 Hit Songs

In this course I breakdown the #1 Hit Songs from 2010 to 2016, using the tools from the previous Song Science courses.

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Piano for Singer/Songwriters

Piano for Singer/Songwriters: Write Songs and Perform Live

Perform and sing your favorite songs on the piano! Step by step, easy to follow modern keyboard lessons for beginners.

Piano for Singer/Songwriters 2: Pop/Rock Rhythm Immersion

Master pop/rock keyboard playing through rhythm immersion, develop strong internal rhythm and build hand independence.

RUNdamentals: The Essential Modern Piano Runs and Fills Guide

Spice up your playing with advanced piano runs! Enjoy fun contemporary keyboard lessons.

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Music Fundamentals

The Note Reading Bootcamp

Learn how to read music notation FAST with The Landmark System

The Complete Piano and Music Theory Beginners Course

Concise, compact, and easy to follow guide to learning piano and music theory basics! Well planned out keyboard lessons.

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